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» Top News Stories Published 12/25/2009
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» Criminal Division Record Checks - No Registration Required ! Published 12/6/2007

The Criminal Division is a portal that will provide you with direct access to certain criminal justice sites, services and investigative resources such as subpoena compliance contacts, law enforcement news, crime prevention strategies and online public record checks. This site is free to use although some entities and government agencies you will be directed to may charge for their services or record checks.

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» Employment Database - Find A Job / Post A Job
By Administrator - CriminalDivision.Com | Published 02/19/2015 | Nationwide Records | Unrated
» Real Time Airport Delays And Weather Conditions
This application will provide you with the real time operational status of all major airports in the United States. The airports are listed in alphabetical order by the actual name of the airport. Select an airport from the drop down menu that will be presented to you. Responses are immediate and both airport delays and weather conditions are updated regularly 24 hours a day.
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